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Nutrition & Wellness Consulting

Sarrah Zadeh


 A perpetual nutrition and fitness enthusiast, I have been consulting and guiding clients on achieving healthier lifestyles, clean cooking and eating, holistic nutrition, and weight management.   

My mission is to educate clients on how to consume healthy natural food, whether they are vegan, looking to consume a more plant based diet, or simply wanting a more balanced nutrition. 

I create unique nutrition and wellness plans that are perfect for each person's body and lifestyle.

   Pineapple and Bikini's services range from weekly and monthly menu planning, proper grocery shopping, nutritional and wellness education, to helping clients make healthy choices while on the go, and everything in between.


How I Do it?

I love to help people learn about what is healthy and what is not, eating real food, and keeping an active lifestyle.
No quick gimmicks, no magic pill.

A nutritionist on the go!!

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I have created different service plans to fit everyone's lifestyle, and I also know we are all unique.

Therefore in addition to the variety of plans I offer, I also have a custom plan for all of us who need more.

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