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The Approach: How I Create Customized Healthy Meal Plans

Customizing Meals Plans Tailored To Your Goals



Everyone is searching for "The Plan" to make them feel and look better, and everyday there is a new superfood and new ways of eating and working-out. 

My program is simple, I believe in eating real food, nothing on my menus will come from a can or a package, almost everything is naturally made. 

I do not believe in dieting and depriving oneself, but instead on educating people on how to make real food that taste and look amazing; also focusing on quality and portion of food.

Each client is approached differently, because we are all composed differently and have our own goals and lifestyles.  My plans fit people who are plant-based, to someone who is a carnivore and wants to eat healthy, and everything else in between.  

My clients will understand how to make healthy choices without sacrificing taste.  The goal is not too just look good through calorie restrictions, that will only last a short while, but to actually change your lifestyle.

The key is in eating clean natural food and doing the proper amount of exercise, there is no magic pill or magic plan. 

My Detox


On a daily basis I am asked about detox plans, and when most clients ask about detox they normally mean a juice diet or a fasting diet. 

I do not believe in juice detoxing, as they have been promoted on mainstream health markets, however for certain clients based on their health status I do create a special cleanse eating.

The Pineapple and Bikini detox is basically a clean plan, I create a two to three day program where you are eating lots of green vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs, plant protein, tons of water, with minimal work-outs.




The thing with a detox plan is that we have been successfully brainwashed in thinking that by not eating and just drinking some green juice our bodies are going to get rid of all the toxins it has accumulated over time.

in actuality by not eating and only drinking a juice you are not really achieving anything, but weakening yourself, and all the weight that you may lose while on your cleanse,  you will gain back as soon as you start consuming real food.

The Pineapple & Bikini cleanse plan is something I create upon request with each client after a week of following my nutrition menu.