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     Born in Tehran, Iran, Sarrah Zadeh moved to the United States with her family at the age of 10 after the Iran-Iraq war.  As an artist and world traveler, Sarrah is inspired by life around her in particular human culture and behavior, finding all the contradictions, which make up who we are as people and societies, incredibly interesting. Being a woman, an Iranian, and a mother heavily influenced the creation of La Mochi.   

        Sarrah works closely with the Colombian Wayuu women to create La Mochi’s modern interpretation of the mochila.   She blends tradition, fine arts, and contemporary design in each bag; developing new patterns, shapes, and bag designs with the Wayuu women. The artistry of the women are taken to a new level when Sarrah adds her own artwork in printed fabric form to the bags; these handbags truly reflect  her multi-cultural approach to design. 

      In addition to the mochilas, Sarrah takes another artisanal tradition, the Persian Gabbeh rugs and turns them into delicate clutches

A new tribe that Sarrah has been working with is the people of Ebra Chami in Colombia, who are known for the beadwork.  


      I love meeting new artisans, and I am always looking to grow our group of beautiful makers.  There are so much talent all over the globe, and I hope to showcase as much as I can.                                                                                                                                                                                           Sarrah Zadeh

        La Mochi combines her passion for creative expression and women empowerment.  With today’s busy modern woman in mind, Sarrah’s fun, chic designs empowers women to be bold without sacrificing style and function.  She creates bags that are not only fun and unique; each a work-of- art and a means to help communities grow.  La Mochi’s accessories are a great and subtle way to add color and personality to an outfit.