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Fashion Store

La Mochi

A handbag and accessory brand, working with artisans around the globe making handmade and fair-trade products for the conscious wanderer. 

I created this brand in 2013, as my way of bringing together my passions of art, community growth, health, and travel.


Marcel I        $320


Marcel II     $320


Marcel III    $320

                                     Sold Out

                                     Sold Out

Marcel IV      $320


Marcel V         $320


Marcel VI        $320


                  Pune I            $78                                                       Pune II       $78                                                     Pune III           $78


               Pune IV        $78                                                    Pune V $78                                                               Pune VI        $78

                              Sold Out

                              Sold Out


                Niku I            $278                                                        Niku II         $278                                             Niku III       $278


       Niku Short Strap   $278                                                  LuLu II        $148                                                   LuLu I           $148