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Plan 2

One Week

All of the services included in the 60 Minutes Consultation plan plus




                      - 2 Hours Initial consultation,  we will go over your eating and lifestyle and create a custom plan specifically for you to assist you                         in reaching your goal(s)


                      - One week Menu plan customized based on your specific lifestyle

 The menu will consist of meals for six days;

 - each day will be composed of five to six meals, and based on what you will need.            

The meal plan is created in a way for you to become costumed to eating clean and real food.  I have created a plan that is time efficient as well as educational (in terms of nutrition and preparation)

 - The menu plan will be organized into the days of the week for your convenience; however if you must change the meals around for any reason, they all have their caloric info so you simply replace it for the same calorie content.

 -  In addition to each meal on the menu having its calorie information, they will also have preparation instructions.


A complete Grocery list of all the produce and items you will need to buy


- A snack list that should be printed out and attached to your fridge or a place that you look daily.  This list will consist of quick snack options that you should have ready in your fridge.


- Daily check-ins and to make sure you are following the plan.  Text will be normally once in the morning and once in the afternoon if needed based on your progress.


                      - Nutritionist on-call:

                                - One week to email me with questions you may have

                                 - You can contact me if you are feeling weak or having an off day, and I will help you make the right choices and stay on                                              track


One Week Consultant
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