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Plan 3

Plan 3

One Month

All of premium plan plus:



- Two sets of weekly nutritional menu plan:

  • Every Two weeks you will get a new menu plan  
  • The menu will consist of Six days of Plan eating, with One day off 
  • Each day you will have Five meals, three bigger one, two smaller
  • The menu is constructed in a way to help you get use to preparing and eating clean healthy food. 
  • Each meal will have the detailed explanation of how to prepare along with calorie content. 



               The goal, by the end of the four weeks is for you to be able to understand and make healthy decision regarding your nutrition and wellness under any circumstances.  You will learn how to make quick healthy snacks and meals, and how to stay healthy and maintain your goal without sacrificing taste and without yoyo dieting.


- Four sit downs together either face-to-face or video chat,

•       That will be one time per week

•       Here we will see your progress and

•       we will discuss what you need help with


- Detailed Grocery List of all the ingredients you will need for your Meal Plans


- One-time Grocery Shopping Buddy

•       You will learn the best way to chose your fruits and vegetables

•       You will learn what items are okay to purchase for snacks and what is not okay

•       You will learn how you can make your own version of some of the pre-made/pre-packaged items that you love

•       and any other things you would like to know while we are grocery shopping.


- Bi-weekly informative emails regarding one or more of these topics

•       Nutritional information about health & wellness

•       Recipe ideas for your lifestyle and goal

•       Workout


- Pineapple & Bikini's Two Day Cleanse Plan 

  • To help you kick-start your new lifestyle, I have included my Cleanse Program, which is optional for you to do before we start the one month nutritional coaching.


- Me for a month long to help you get through the not so easy days, you have me for a month to email and/or text with questions or concerns.


One Month
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