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Detox Plan

Two Day Cleanse

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Two Day Cleanse


We all need a little push or a little help to start eating better and living healthier.

I created this Two Day Cleanse Plan to help you kick start your healthy lifestyle.  

This is not a type of detox program where you are drinking juices all day or salt water, and not eating.  I have a created a plan where you are actually eating real food, five meals to be exact.

Each meal was created for the purpose of cleansing your body and eliminating toxins from your system. 


What do you get with this 13 page program?

  • A comprehensive explanation of what to Do and Not to do before getting started
  • Step by Step guide of what to do once you start, such as what to do when you wake up,  when to eat your meals, when to exercise and how, 
  • Detailed Meal Menu for TWO days. 
  • Each day is composed of Five meals, with explanation as to how to prepare them
  • A grocery list
  • And what to do After the two days are finished




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Once you have purchased the Two Day Cleanse program, I will email you the plan along with a brief explanation. 

You are welcome to contact me with any questions and/or concerns  regarding the plan



Cleansing meal from the menu.


Detox juice, one of only two juices on the plan.  Created with specific ingredients to clean your body and eliminate waste from you system.