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plan 1

90 minutes consultation


90 minutes consultation


- one-on-one to examine your eating and lifestyle:

  • We will see what needs to be added or taken away from your nutrition

  • We will look at your Macronutrients to see what you should eat more/less of

  • We will go over how many calories you need daily based on your activity level

  • We will look at what type of exercise and how often should be doing them

-We will go over your three day food journal to see what things need to be changed

-We will discuss how you can make healthier choices in any given situation

- You will also learn what I can offer you in changing your lifestyle:

  • We will discuss your goal, if you want to be healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, become more plant-based, or you have a certain disorder you would like to address.

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- If you feel you need more coaching after the Initial Consultation, but do not a need one of my plans, you can ask for hourly Nutritional Coaching.

  • If you decide to continue and you sign-up for any of the plans, within seven days, then this fee will go towards one of the other programs.